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LENTEKS FOOD AND AGRICULTURE PRODUCTS TRADE LTD CO. is the leading pulses producer and exporter  located in Gaziantep - Turkey. In 1960, The cofounder Salih Kılıç 's taken the basics and continuing management of his sons since then the mission of the company is always supply the highest quality with delicious tastes to its loyal and valuable customers.

LENTEKS has modern facilities with Professional staff for the production of Red Lentils  & Chickpeas. LENTEKS has become the leading exporter and exports to five continents with more than 100 kind of  foodstuff items  Pulses, Edible nuts,dried fruits, spices, edible oils, confectioneries and pasta under LENTEKS brand  from 30 grams to 50 kgs consumer packages.

Our company policy  to produce the products which selected carefully at the growing regions, accordance to the national and international standards with hygiene rules and  use the modern technology in order to supply our customers top quality.

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